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it to German customs (where it sat for the majority of the shipping time simply disappeared. I ordered.5UK/12.5US, and they fit perfectly. I think this is unacceptable. 11 dage efter skulle jeg have brugt produktet, men det kom først 14 dage efter.

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Coupon Code, sale/Shopping tips. Their customer service was exceptional: they wrote me within 12 hours, located the package, and sent me a new tracking link. Bought a Hubba Hubba NX2 at well over 100 cheaper than was advertised at well-known outdoor shops in the. You'll never receive what you ordered and you'll never get your money back. Customer service is also very reliable and at a high standard. Ordered on a Tuesday night, tent arrived (from germany!) on Friday morning. Great product ranges on offer and some of the best prices online - hands down. When all is said and done, I saved 101.30, approximately 33 of the price of the boot (compared to Lathrop and Sons' pricing and shipping). Loving employes that take they customers and your order very seriously, i can recommend this service to det very best. potensproblemer backpacking united erfaringer


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Some initial billing issues that were quickly resolved by customer service. På hjemmesiden står der, at soveposen leveres indenfor 4-7 arbejdsdage. Backpacking defined as: Multi-day trips into the wild, unpopulated, areas of the world. God oplevelse med Backpacking United. Efter 7 arbejdsdage har jeg intet hørt fra firmaet udover ordrebekræftelsen. Coupon Code, sale/Shopping tips). Not sure that there is a difference in quality, but some online chatter suggests that the German-made boots are better. I'm reviving this thread because the boots just arrived, and I thought the Rokslide community might welcome a review of backpacking-united. Be aware, for some reason, the sending message from the company went into my junk box. To answer some questions: I paid 196.60 euro (216.58 US) plus.95 euro (45.11) for a total of 261.69 for a pair of Hanwag Alaska GTX. Jeg har bestilt støvler, den og modtog dem den 4 Feb. Sneaky about actual pricing and shown price in USD was very different from the amount in Euros they were trying to charge. From what I can tell, this company is a total scam. I'm taking the boots out on a scouting trip tomorrow, and I will consider purchasing from this website in the future. Went back and forth with them for over a month hearing that the panniers were backordered from the manufacturer. Samme dag jeg afbestiller ordren, får jeg endelig at vide, at de først kan levere varen om 2 uger, 4 uger efter bestillingstidspunktet, men jeg kan få 10 som undskyldning. Help potensproblemer backpacking united erfaringer other backpacking-united shoppers by submitting your promo code here. Received the product after four days. 71, online, a subreddit dedicated to backpacking in the wild places on earth - where people are few, cell signal is nil, and Mother Nature still reigns. Best Regards Froom Ingrid. This is an excellent company. I wish there would have been a way for me to contact them without having to go through trustpilot. In the end, I canceled my order with them because it seemed that they would never be able to deliver the advertised item.

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